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Audrey holds a degree in interior design. Her outstanding abilities from space planning to selecting finished surfaces have produced hundreds of beautiful, customer loved spaces. Need that special accent pillow or window treatment? Her detailed understanding of fabrics, textures, and color make her the ideal choice.


If she needed to be summed up in 1 word, it would be “color.” Audrey has this innate talent to assist you in choosing paint colors, wood tones, drapes, artwork, accessories, and whatever else you desire. She has an eye for wonderful and the skill to bring it to fruition.

Experienced interior designer

The LIGHTer Touch is proud to offer the most innovative design concepts and lighting solutions available.

No dream is too big for us!

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Tim is a lighting designer with an emphasis on accent and ambient lighting. He excels in helping you find the right ceiling fixture, lamp, sconce, cabinet light, or ideal piece to cast its cadence right where you need it.


Why are there 400 kinds of light bulbs? Tim will take the mystery out of which one to use and light the way. He can even fit you with an inexpensive remote control that will make your lighting experience just a click away.


Tim's furniture placement, visual balance, and accessorizing are vital skills that make The LIGHTer Touch unique, yet complete in fulfilling your project needs.

Dedicated lighting designer


Tired of having your designer lock you into products that only they sell, when the store next door has the sale going on? At The LIGHTer Touch, we don't sell a product, but a skill. This gives you the opportunity to utilize any merchant when purchasing anything for your project.


Our family-owned and operated interior design company will help transform your boring property into an exciting space that will impress your guests every time they walk in. You'll even receive competitive prices on our services.

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The reason why we chose the name "The LIGHTer Touch is we make it a point to decorate with light. This important element is the most widely neglected component in most areas. You can have a beautiful room but it has to look good at night too. Light creates layers of interest and brings attention to other accessories, art or a dark corner. Tim and Audrey work as an experience team to enhance the elegance regardless of your style.

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