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March 13

Tim and Audrey turned our ‘70’s rambler into a home we loved to live in while in Grand Forks! Then their advice while designing and help in decorating our new home outside of Bemidji was the best choice we made! We think the world of these two very talented, kind people!

Tim & Audrey Zejdlik

The LIGHTer Touch


- Trish B.


April 29

They do wonderful work and are always prompt. They make my life easier because I don’t have to think about that stuff and I can trust them to take care of it. They pick out beautiful pieces and pull it all together in an absolutely stunning way. 100 percent recommend them over and over!


- Karla C.

5-Star Grover Area Rug Lvg Rm

July 10

Wow what an experience! We learned so much! This couple not only do a beautiful job decorating your home, but they teach and explain things along the way. The process was so smooth. They helped with decisions my spouse and I would still be hashing out. This was the best thing we could have done. We just wish we would have contacted Tim & Audrey before we started our remodel instead of half way in. Thank you both for all that you did for us!!!


- Kathy L.


August 17

My project involved a redo of my fireplace wall. Wanted to get rid of the gas works and just have an ambient flame (fireplace was always made the room so hot) without the heat. Audrey was great at sketching out the entire wall with a design that really worked for me. Then she picked out just the right tile and extended it all the way up to the ceiling. It is amazing! Tim picked out just the ideal TV and fireplace insert. I don't do anything new in my house without consulting them first. Saves me a ton of money and time in the long run.


- Jan P.


August 24

Our church was severally damage in a tornado. We could have repaired it but it still would not have been able to accommodate an elevator to bypass all the front steps. We chose to rebuild. Tim & Audrey have worked for me in my home, so I knew to contact them early in our rebuild. They made recommendations of what we should keep from the old building to implement in the new church. This was valuable! Their expertise made for a beautiful sanctuary and a warm and welcoming lobby/greeting area. If I had to sum it all up I would say that our church has an inviting touch of hospitality embraced by the fellowship of our people! We appreciate you guys!!!


- Marylin T.

5-Star Tim & Audrey 20190216_114957

November 18

Tim & Audrey

Thanks so much! With you, any project turns a home into a lovely space to live one's life with family and friends!

Happy Giving Thanks Day! We ar grateul that our paths crossed those many years ago!


- Trish & Paul B.


November 30

Tim & Audrey

I am feeling so excited about my "new" home. The way you decorated has made me really love my place and it was fun working with the two of you. There are so many little extras everywhere that put it over the top! Thanks a million!


- Jane H.

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